AGC of America’s New Plan to Address Growing Construction Workforce Shortages

The Associated General Contractors (AGC) of America first released a construction industry workforce development plan in the fall of 2013.

AGC of America has spent the past five years vigorously promoting the measures outlined in this plan. While we have achieved a number of significant victories in our efforts to promote workforce development measures, it will take a lot more to offset the misconceptions that have prioritized college preparation instead of skills promotion.

That is why AGC of America crafted this new workforce development plan. This plan is designed to build on the successes we had with our initial series of recommendations. We do this by identifying additional measures that federal officials should adopt to address a skills gap that is holding back even more economic growth. We also identify steps the association, our chapters and member firms can and will take to encourage more young adults to pursue high-paying construction careers. And we outline examples of successful steps construction firms and AGC of America chapters are taking to recruit and prepare new workers. The intent is to offer ideas that other firms and local groups can adopt to help address workforce shortages.

Jim Young

Senior Director, Congressional Relations for Labor, HR and Safety
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Regulatory and Legislative Priorities

Workforce 2018: An Agenda to Rebuild Our Infrastructure & Our Craft Workforce

Career and Technical Education: Prepare the Next Generation of Skilled Construction Workers by Doubling Federal CTE Funding Over Five Years and Implementing the Reauthorized Perkins Act

Higher Education: Support Students Access to Federal Funds for Non-Traditional Degrees

Workforce Investment Opportunity Act: Ensure that the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act Implementation and Funding Provides Incentives for Employers to Partner With the Workforce System to Design and Provide Occupational Training

Apprenticeships: Support Increased Access and Funding for Apprenticeship Programs without Regard to Union Affiliation

Veterans: Connect Transitioning Service Members to Construction Industry Jobs

Ex-Offenders: Support Policies that Prepare and Support Transitioning Ex-Offenders into the Workforce